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Installation, Commissioning and Training

On-site Installation, Commissioning and Training

Many LEADALL’s packaging systems do not require on-site assistance for installation and commissioning. Clients often have sufficient understanding to install, commission, and operate our packaging systems with packaging Solutions’ off-site guidance and becoming familiar with operations and installation guidelines provided with the system purchase.
However, when desired by the client, Packaging Solutions provide on-site assistance with installation, commissioning, and operator training. For more in-depth projects, having Packaging Solutions on-site periodically to work with staff and installers helps ensure adherence to pingable installation guidelines, trouble free commissioning, and ongoing operation.
On-site service fees are negotiated with each client based on the level of services to be provided.

Offering a turnkey, efficient solution does not stop at the doors of our factory. LEADALL is committed to offering excellent service from Pre-sales to Commissioning. Our team of engineers will ensure a smooth launch for your newest operation.

Pre-Installation Essentials

Based on our on-site surveys, we develop accurate and detailed drawings of your solution layout and all the equipment it includes. We provide these foundational drawings to you, free of charge, to help you prepare for our arrival. With your help, our team will hit the ground running once they arrive on site.

On-Site Installation By Qualified And Experienced Staff

Depending on the scope of your project, LEADALL’s team features a diverse skillset:
★ Mechanical and Electrical Technicians
★ Mechanical Engineers
★ Software and Control Engineers
★ Site leaders and Safety Officers
★ Auxiliary Helpers
LEADALL will assess the logistical and technical needs of your project, and dispatch the right team for you.
Are you missing the essential tools and equipment for a successful installation? Make sure to let us know, LEADALL will bring its tools for the job!
Just make sure you can provide us with the necessary utilities for the operation of your project.

Commissioning With High Standards

Anyone can install equipment, but only LEADALL can ensure the best operation of your line through the help of our commissioning team.
After completing basic operation checks, our team will ramp up production until it reaches the desired efficiency and performance.
If any snags escaped our installation team, our commissioning team will polish them within their available capabilities.
If your project contains multiple independent production lines, you do not need to wait for our installation team to be done.
As soon as an individual line is ready, our commissioning team is ready to jump in.

Training For Your Team

Our expert engineers and technicians are ready to train your team.
Get started quickly with our training sessions covering all the topics necessary for smooth operation:
★ Operation of the line
★ Safety requirements
★ Regular and preventative maintenance protocols
★ Troubleshooting protocols


Remote Installation, Commissioning and Training

Remote Assistance:
One of the most frequent pain points that industrialists face all around the world is the lack of quick local support from vendors.
Here at LEADALL, we aim to provide local service to all our customers in our territories worldwide. But what if your problems did not require an on-site intervention? Waiting for a service team to arrive at your factory is a thing of the past.
A perfect marriage of Hardware and Software
In addition to the software platform, our remote assistance solution relies on hardware installed in your machines to harvest real-time data: These range from the communication modules in your electrical panel to special sensors placed in various positions to detect diagnostics data.
Some hardware is also necessary to perform the video call either through a mobile tablet or augmented reality glasses.
Why go Remote
While some still prefer in-person interventions, digital technology has allowed us to provide the same quality of service at a fraction of the overhead costs. Don’t hesitate to try remote connection and benefit from all the below:
Get access to our most experienced technical experts.
Reduced time to understand your problem
Avoid travel overhead costs
Get a detailed and precise walkthrough for actions to be carried out
Communicate with us through a safe chat
Increase production efficiency by minimizing downtime
Start saving now, use our remote assistance program.