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Material Testing

Do you have any product material or packaging sample that you would like to test it with our packaging systems? 

LEADALL team is available to help you determine if our packaging system is the right choice for your application. Our team of technician will provide:

Applications Analysis:

- Is a vertical roll film packaging machine or pre-made bag packaing machine the right choice for your application?

- linear type scale or auger filler, which one to choose?

- Inclined elevator, Screw elevator, or Z type bucket elevator?

- Ribbon printer, Inkjet printer, which one to choose?

- Heat sealing machine, stitching sewing machine, which one to choose?

Product and Material Testing:

- We will do testing with our packaging systems and return processed materials in a few days after receiving them.

Applications Report:

- Upon returning your processed samples, we also will provide a detailed report that is for your specific industry and application. In addition, we'll make a recommendation on which system is right for you.