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Our History

IN 1990

The earliest automatic weighing machine and VFFS machine of medium doses in China.

IN 1995

Leadall Company was formally established, the first automatic weighing machine with a load sensor was successfully developed.

IN 1998

Fengle Seeds made bulk purchases of automatic packing machines from Leadall which caused packaging upgrading in chinese seeds industry.

IN 2005

Leadall made a significant breakthrough in heavy bag packaging machines and secondary packing unit. Meanwhile, Leadall set up the first subsidiary in secondary packaging machine industry.

IN 2008

The company is equipped with CNC lathes, CNC punch press, bending machine, laser cutting machine, grinder etc. The group expanded the company size, Leadall set up the second subsidiary in vacuum packaging machine industry.

IN 2009

The first time to participate in the Processing&Packaging exhibition of Düsseldorf INTERPACK in Germany, achieved unanimous praise.

IN 2010

Leadall possesses a number of national professional certification, CE certification, ISO9000 certification, certification for manufacturing license of measuring instruments and civil explosive products, etc., and more than one hundred patents. Meanwhile, LEADALL set up Anhui Provincial Mechanical Engineering and Technological Research Center after approval by the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province.

IN 2011

The second time to participate in the International Food and pharmaceutical Processing&Packaging exhibition of ALLPACK in Indonesia, achieved unanimous praise.

IN 2012

Leadall set up offices in the United States and Thailand respectively, the second time to participate in the International Packaging Machinery exhibition of PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, USA, achieved unanimous praise.

IN 2013

The first time to participate in the International exhibition of Vietnam Print Pack Food tech, achieved unanimous praise. Meanwhile, Leadall set up another two subsidiaries in heavy bag packaging machine and rotary table bag given packing machine.

IN 2014

Leadall was formally established Sales and Service Center in the Israel and Vietnam.

IN 2015

Leadall made a significant breakthrough in FFS packaging machines.

IN 2016

Leadall made a significant breakthrough in color sorter, Successfully bought another color sorter company.

IN 2017

Poland JS Ltd and Argentina MASA Ltd made a big purchase from our factory about seeds vacuum packing line and white beans heavy bag packing line.

IN 2018

Premier Tech company visited our company in 2018 and said that we would further cooperate in the field of packaging machinery engineering in the future.

IN 2019

Intelligent workshop management system.

IN 2020

Despite the COVID-19, the company’s performance in the first half of the year was almost zero in overseas markets, but the company’s performance in the second half of the year has exceeded the annual expectation.

IN 2021

Facing the rising cost of shipping and steel, our company had decided to promise our old customers to keep the original price. Until September, the annual performance had exceeded that of last year.

IN 2022

We are always on the way.