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Automatic Pet Food Baling Machine , Laundry Detergent Bag in Bag Vertical Bagging for LDPE Film Bag

This line includes

Horizontal belt conveyor for primary packaging machines (0.5~5kg pouch packaging machine). Slope arrangement belt conveyor. Acceleration belt conveyor. Counting and arranging machine. LA1100 bagging machine. Take off conveyor belt one set.

Work Process

Slope arrangement conveyor will make the pouches flat before counting. Acceleration belt conveyor will make the adjacent pouches leave enough distance for counting. Counting and arranging machine will arrange the small pouches as required. The small pouches will be loaded into the LA1100 bagging machine. LA1100 bagging machine will seal and cut the big bag. Belt conveyor will take the big bag under the LA1100 machine.


Automatic packing machine has functions of automatic lm pulling, bag making, filling, sealing. Operation through touch screen. Convenient, safe and reliable. Can meet requirements of different pouch arranging form.

Technical specification

Machine Name sugar secondary packaging line , sugar secondary packaging line
Product Code LA1100
Packing Range 500g to 5000g per pouch
Packing Material PE
Packing Speed 4 ~ 10 big bags/min, ( 40 to 85 pouches/min) (speed slightly changes according to different products)
Ranking Form single silo baiting, single or double row
Compressed Air Requirement 0.4 to 0.6 MPa
Power Supply 4.5KW 380V±10% 50Hz

Factory Gallery

Processing Workshop

Mounter (Japan)

CNC machining center (Japan

CNC bending machine (USA)

CNC punch (Germany)

Laser cutting machine (Germany)

Baking paint production line (Germany)

Three coordinate detector (Germany)

Input software program (Germany)

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